Legend has it that the inception of the Poutine dates back to 1957 in a restaurant right outside
the city of Montreal in Canada’s French speaking province of Quebec.
A customer asked the restaurant owner to mix cheese curds and gravy into his fries.
The restaurateur then responded: “Ça va faire une maudite poutine”,
an attribution to the French expression: “It will make a damn Mess”.

Poutine is perfect for lunch, dinner, date or even as a greasy, salty after-party munchies.
Without a doubt, there’s always a line outside the St-Viateur bagel shops in Montreal as the locals patiently wait for their fresh bagels. Inside, you will find a baker hand-rolling and twisting dough into thin rings before dipping the dough into honey-sweetened water.

The bagels are then baked to perfection in the wood-burning ovens. Using the same recipe since 1957, St-Viateur Bagel is Montreal’s longest-running bagel bakery.
Mess Royale is poised to bring the magic of Montreal-style Poutine and Bagels to San Diego.

Mess Royale is committed to conserving water and reducing energy consumption by using all natural, recycled and renewable products to serve you!
Our mission is to make delicious food using fresh quality ingredients.

San Diego's gourmet comfort food destination
and first Poutine shop ever!
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